EASTER FLOWERS:  If you would like to order Easter flowers, please click on the link below.  You can choose Easter Lily, Tulips or Hydrangeas.  The deadline to order is no later than Sunday, March 18.  Please make your check payable to Board of Deacons.  You can also complete the order form and attach your check/cash which will be available in upcoming church bulletins and the March newsletter.

Link for Order Form Link:  EASTER FLOWER ORDER FORM


YELLOW PEW ENVELOPES:  Envelopes are provided in church pews for donations toward Deacons General/Funeral Fund and Food Pantry/Soup Kitchen.

Deacons General Fund:  goes towards the purchase of communion cups, oil for candles, Advent candles, flowers for home-bound members (Christmas and Easter), printed support materials for members:  These Days devotional, Care Notes (various topics), greeting cards and postage for members; CD players for home-bound members.

Deacons Funeral Fund:  goes toward any funeral luncheon expenses that are not reimbursed by the family.

Donations to the Deacons General Fund and/or Funeral Fund should be made payable to Fairplain Presbyterian Church, memo on check for designation.

Food Pantry:  to purchase products we are low on, or take advantage of good sales on products we normally furnish in food bags from our local retail grocer.

Soup Kitchen:  to purchase the needed side dishes for our once-a-month meals we prepare to the soup kitchen in Benton Harbor.

Donations to the Food Pantry and/or Soup Kitchen should be made payable to the Community Food Pantry at Fairplain Presbyterian Church.